NDSCS celebrated the 2017 Homecoming on October 6 & 7.

The NDSCS Alumni Foundation congratulates the following distinguished group of 2017 honorees that were recognized.

The honorees included:

  • Alumnus of the Year
    Gary Marquardt
  • Family Tradition Award
    Janet & Wayne Baker Family
  • Wildcat of the Year
    Maria Kaduc
  • Friends of the College
    Bell Bank & Bell Bank Wealth Management
  • Parade Grand Marshal
    Margaret Wall
  • Commitment to Excellence
    Kevin Bauer

The 2017 Homecoming was great week!  It was so much fun visiting with our Alumni & Friends of the college. The fall colors, campus improvements and friendly faces made for an atmosphere were NDSCS Wildcat Pride was shared!  Check out the Homecoming photos.


​Watch Homecoming Highlights!

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